Sunday, February 17, 2013

Truck Through the Ice

So there I was, creeping along eyeballing a spot I intended on drilling some holes over.   Bang bang, and I filled my pants.
I dropped a tire in the ice on my full size truck.   My front went in and out and also my back tire.   Luckily I was moving just enough to be forced out of the hole.  
I went and investigated with my chisel.   I was not good.   It kept getting bigger and bigger with every chop.   There was no warning signs what so ever.   No disturbance, it all looked the same.
Not sure why this was such a bad spot in the ice.   I was way off the bank in about 27 foot of water.   I really got lucky on this deal.   If I had not had enough momentum to get out of this, it may just have been structure on the bottom of the lake.  
This just goes to show, ice is very unpredictable.   As we enter late season, be careful out there and be smart.   Happy fishing!