Sunday, April 7, 2013

Surperior Panfish Jigs

So, what really are the most superior panfish jigs on the market you ask?  
My vote goes to the Ratso and the Cubby Jig.   They truly are the most superior jig to fill your livewell.   Sure, there are tons of jigs out there.   But what makes these so much better?
The biggest reason being, they just plain old work.   They give a horizontal presentation and have unmatched action in their bodies.   They are simple.   Simple.
I don't buy much live bait now days with all the amazing artificials out there.   No real need to.   These baits work wonderfully on their own.   Many of jigs have been tied to the end of my line and I promise you that I have filled the livewell more with these two than any other.  
Pair up one of these jigs with a good float and you will get bit.   With their sensitive tails it takes very little movement to create insane action that will trigger stubborn panfish.  
They come in a couple different sizes and large variety of colors.   The cost of these jigs will not slim down your wallet too badly so fill your box with a good assortment of sizes and colors.   These jigs will make the oil in your pan pop.