Monday, May 27, 2013

Chilly Bass Opener

The much anticipated bass opener has finally arrived.   I've been longing to pitch jigs deep in the wood.   Followed by a homerun hookset.
We have had a tremendously late spring and the weather has been cold and rainy.   The opener was no exception.   The high winds and storm fronts kept me off the water for the majority of the opener.   I did however manage to slide out for a morning.
The fish were indeed on a good jib bite.   Very few beds were observed.   Normally this time of year the fish are on beds like mad, the vegetation is in heavy matts, and water temps are way up.   Just the opposite this year.   Almost hard to believe it will soon be June.
Hopefully water temps will rise and the skies will clear.   I just broke the surface and in no way did I get my fix...