Saturday, June 8, 2013

Attention Fans

Attention fans!   Let's see how many followers Minnesota Outdoor Journal can get before the fall sets in.   Follow and let's enjoy the ride together!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bass Action

60+ largemouth in the past 3 days, yeah, it rocked.   Below each lily pad root and behind every cluster of cattails was a bass patiently awaiting my bait.   At least that what it seemed like.
The fish were in all stages of the spawn.   Pre, spawn, and some were even in post.   With the constant fluctuating water temps I believe the spawn will continue this way.   Not the normal concentration of spawning, but some here and some there.   All within the same body of water.   The nice thing about this is, the spawn will linger longer.  
There is nothing like feeling that tick in your line, reeling your slack, and swinging for the fence.   It was an unbelievable weekend on the water.   I did some self filming and should have a Minnesota Outdoor Journal bass episode put together sometime here in the near future.   In the mean time, get out and rip some lips.   They are biting!   Shazam!