Sunday, August 11, 2013

Small River Walleyes

These past few cool mornings have really got my blood flowing exceptionally well.   Fall is just around the corner along with all the hunting seasons.   I will admit, I do enjoy sliding out for some small river walleyes though.
When steady weather sinks in and the rivers clear up, the walleyes feed.   It is a bit early so far this year, but I have been on a pretty decent bite.   What I am throwing  you ask?   Swimbaits!   You should have know that!   These baits are my all time favorite baits to throw in rivers, period.   It's almost like trout fishing, but on a tad larger scale.   It will just keep improving as fall approaches.
I talked Crystal into going with me this morning in the rain.   It took a little doing, but she came with and ended up catching her personal best walleye to date.   You should ask her if she's glad she went...