Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bear Baiting Weekend #1

Warm and buggy.   If bear baiting wasn't sweaty and itchy, why would we do it, right?
I would have to say that overall I'm pretty pleased about the weekend outcome.   The Old Faithful bait station was just as it is, faithful.   That station went very well.   As for the my other station, not so much.
The walk in Refuge bait station had been logged straight through.   No sign of it what so ever, she was a goner. So, I had to relocate and create a new station.   This takes a lot of work.   I had to go father in, which really sucks when you have to carry everything in.   No atv's allowed in this area.   Hiking and haulin' logs son!
I made two trips in to each station.   Approximately 400 pounds of bait is was on the ground by the time I left for home.   200 per station.   Now, we just have to let it stink.   Only about 16 hours after the first peanut hit the ground Friday I had this smaller bear hit the bait.   Nope, not a hog, but very happy to see activity on the new station.  
I will keep you posted on the what happens when I return for round two next weekend...