Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Grizzly Wells

I know the beard is a bit short yet, I'm workin' on that.   But, do you see any resemblance???

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bear Baiting Weekend #2

She was, to say the least, a hot one.   It was a tad on the "thick" side out there.   What more could a person ask for, sticky hands, soaked in sweat, and cover with biting flies.   Ah yes, a bear baiting we will go.
Just like all wildlife activity, unseasonably warm weather slows it down.   We all know this, so needless to say, I was rather happy to see both stations had been hit during the week.   Both stations are being hit on a fairly regular basis now.   I really hope it cools off in time for the hunt.   This heat can really turn a bear into becoming lazy and hitting late.
I baited the stations up and both got a visit that very evening.   Hung a stand on each set and did some minimal trimming.   We will have to still hang another stand on each station for film sets.   Going to have a cameraman for the first six days or so.   I'm pretty excited for that.  
Well, we made it through another weekend of baiting.   The heat is no joke folks.   If you're going to be out adventuring in it, stay hydrated!   Always have something to drink on you, always.   It can really get dangerous.   When you're a long ways out things can get tricky.   Be safe, not sorry.  
One more week, and then it's go time.   Until then, here's a little bear kiss for you.