Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2013 Minnesota Bear Hunt: Amazing

  The first cold front that gives you goose bumps.   The first sit of the year on stand.   The first few leaves to hit the ground.   The first rush of adrenaline.   It's bear season.
I'm really not even sure where to begin.   Mother Nature has been so good to me, time and time again.   This year my hunting area was reduced to one bear.   Which I ended up pulling my tag out of my pocket the very first evening.   It was one I will never forget.   The bear would not commit to the funnel.   She was rather uneasy and was trying to desperately get our wind.   I held my bow at full draw, literally, forever.
The shot was on mark and the bear was dead on it's feet.   I knew it was the bigger bear I wanted to take by the mark on it's muzzle.   After examining the bear it turns out it wasn't a mark on it's muzzle, it was a huge hole!   I figure it was a result of a bite from another bear.   It was big and deep.   You could see up a ways into the bears muzzle.   It wasn't a fresh wound and the bear carried on in great health.   I mean, you literally could see up into the bear head!   Crazy, this bear will now be known as the Hole in the Head Bear.
As quickly as I tagged out, it gave my cameraman and I more filming opportunities.   With time and another active bait we switched gear, literally.   He took his bow and I got the camera.   He was in the hot seat now.   Lord and behold we did it again.   Luke killed his first ever black bear and I killed my best bear yet.  
2 days 2 bears.   Absolutely amazing.   The entire experience was filmed and is currently in production.   When the final editing is complete the Minnesota Outdoor Journal Episode:   Bowhunting Minnesota Black Bears 2013 will be up and running!   It is going to be insane!