Sunday, October 6, 2013

Favorite Pan Fried Walleye

The art of being an outdoorsman does not stop after the harvest.   The preparation before feasting on your prey is very important to complete the cycle.   Taking it from wild to delicious.
There must be at least two trillion ways to pan fry a walleye.   Notice, I said pan fry not deep fry.   We'll save the deep frying for another post.   With that being said, this is my absolute favorite way to pan fry a walleye.   Ready?
First thing I do is prepare the coating.   Crush saltine crackers into a fine dust.   Use a rolling pin and put them in a bag and lean on them.   It is important to get them very fine so you have even coverage.   Then I add seasoning salt, onion powder, garlic powder, and black pepper to the bag of finely smashed crackers.
Then beat a couple eggs into a long shallow container.   Also pour the crackers into a separate long shallow container. 
Now wrap your fillets up in paper towels for a little bit.   Absorb all the access moisture off the fillets.   Reason being, if they are wet you will not get nearly enough coating and egg to stick to the fillet itself.
In a large fry pan heat up some extra virgin olive oil.   While the oil is heating peal and slice up one fresh garlic clove into the oil.   When the slices of garlic start to sizzle a little the oil is ready for the fish.
Remove the fillets for the paper towels and place into the egg bath.   Coat evenly and everywhere.   Then place them into the cracker dust.   Make sure the fillet is evenly coated on the entire fillet.   Then place into the pan.
When the bottom of the fillet turns a dark golden brown flip and repeat on the opposite side.   when both sides have a nice golden brown crust on them remove from the heat.   Before serving I like to hit them up with a small dusting of seasonings.   You can also put just a few drops of lemon juice on each fillet if you like, just be careful not to overdue the lemon.
I could eat fish prepared like this every day.   Honestly, I could.   Give it a try and let me know what you think of it.   Fish on!