Sunday, October 13, 2013

Duck Opener Update

High winds and fast ducks.
The second "opener" for us here in Minnesota kicked off Saturday.   It was fairly warm, but the wind was crankin'.   As for ducks, the morning rush fizzled out pretty quickly.   Very few wood ducks were in the sky.   Mainly the speedy teal made up for the majority of shooting with a few mallards thrown in the mix.   Them teal are small, but they sure are one hell of sporty bird.
As for Sunday, it was even worse than I had predicted.   More geese than ducks in the air and they were on the high side.   We had our first good frost.   Clear as a bell and about as calm as it gets.   Not exactly a duck kind of day.   And it wasn't.   The shoot was slow.   I imagine the just of the shooting is done until we get some new birds down.   If, we get some new birds down.  
My waders don't leak and there is duck on the grill.   Can't complain...