Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Trapping Update

With the arrival of good ice, I had been starting my muskrat line.   As temps warmed the ice got a little creepy so I pulled my rat line.   Oh don't you worry, I took advantage of this last warm snap before winter is here to stay.
When you get a handful of warm night after some good cold weather these coon will crawl out of their dens to roam.   With the river banks and ponds all froze up with ice you must capitalize on trails.   Trails, trails, and trails!
However you like to set trails during this time, just set them.   Snares, blind body grips, and DP's.   They all work and they will all catch coon in this situation.   It was a small window, but it was very productive.   The picture above is a huge boar that fell to a blind trail on a beaten down trail.   What a fatty!!!
Despite the lack of number and the all the competition for muskrats this year I began to rather good.   If you put in some homework time and find them it will pay off.   You may have to walk a few miles, but it's all work it.   Single digit highs and below zero lows that are forecasted will put me back on the rat line.   Coon traps will be hung up and there will be flags on huts.  
Big old coon and pullin' rats, what is not to love???