Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fur Market Slows

Well, just as everything else in life, it doesn't last.   I brought some coon in to sell at the fur buyers today.   Each year you try and play the market as best as you can.   Of coarse this is just an educated gamble.
Unfortunately the high prices we have been experiencing are on the downward spiral.   From the references that I have I've been told that some of the major fur buyers in China have been arrested.   Nothing, or very little, can be shipped to China.   This could be very bad and has me rather worried.   Generally as the season progresses and pelts become more prime prices increase.   This year has been the opposite.   As the season ages the prices are falling.   Never a good sign.
I will continue onward with the rat line.   I pulled 25 this morning, but I'm wondering how long I will continue with the news of the marketplace.   Rats are dropping.   They have dropped several dollars from the beginning of the season.   Time will tell....