Friday, January 3, 2014

Below Zero Bunnies

Most seasons are now closed and the temps outside are mind numbing cold.   You might as well just hang it up for the year, right?   Absolutely not!
When was the last time you had a good old fashion rabbit hunt?   I tell you what, I have so much damn fun chasing these little fur balls around!   It may not seem like it, but it is a rather challenging hunt.   You must strategize each spot you hunt.   Really make it a legit hunt.
Rim fire rifles and small gauge shotguns are a blast to use.   I must say though, if you're doing a solo hunt bring the shotgun.   If you don't have a buddy or two posting your pushed the will mostly be on the fly shots.   Don't be fooled.   The can be rather tough to knock over.   Thick brush, you're all tangled up with no footing, and the can move boy!
Walk slow and make sporadic stops to convince any nearby cottontails that they have been spotted.   Find thick brush, deadfalls, and brush piles and just plain old stomp them!   The fun and anticipation of getting a flush is extremely motivating.    With a blast of snow the rabbit flies from his cover zigging and zagging at what seems to be 50 mph.   Try getting a bead on that before you lose sight of him.   FUN TIMES!
This is very doable when the temps are extreme.   The key is you just keep on moving.   You actually get rather warm stomping through brush that at times seems impenetrable.   Another fantastic aspect of chasing bunnies is the fact that they are delicious.   I'll tell you the best way to prepare these guys.   You debone them, dip them in your favorite fish fry coating, and drop the chunks into the deep fryer.  It is amazing!   Seriously, you have to try this.   You wont be disappointed.
One season ending just means another one is beginning.   Get up and go stomp some brush.   Small game hunting is a fantastic option and a great way to pass the time until spring comes.   Happy stomping and good eating!


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