Friday, January 10, 2014

Kickin' Brush

Yes sir, the rabbit hunt continues.   Just like the title says, we be kickin' some brush.  
I can't even begin to explain to you just how fun this really is.   It's like the panfishing of hunting.   Ultra light tackle and action are indeed what makes cottontail hunting a blast, literally.  
Don't just go out and stomp around aimlessly and hope for a shot opportunity.   Really get into it.   The best strategy, by far, is making small organized pushes.   Study the lay of the land and adjust your pushes accordingly.   Pinch points, thickets, fence lines, they will be pretty cut and dry.   Two people is key.   You don't need to sound like a herd of elephants charging through the woods as to send all bunnies soaring into the next county.   Strategically place a poster and have the other hunter walk slowly through the cover kickin' all and every little bit of brush.
My life long friend, Chad, said it best.   "It has to be rabbitat."   Yep, he made up his own word.   Rabbitat.   It has to be great rabbit habitat.   Brush piles and down falls, hands down the best.   Where there is concentrations of these key features there will be concentrations of the little furballs as well.
It's a push not a drive.   What's the difference?   I like to think of a push as just that, a push.   You don't want to drive the critters into an all out panic and escape mode.   Just a nudge to get them moving.   This way after you get a flush or some movement you can often get them to push a second time.   We spent an hour chasing one particular rabbit back and forth on a property.   Never did get the damn thing.   Surprisingly, some get pretty hip to whats going on.   Just get them moving, don't run them out of the state.   They wont go all too far.
The anticipation of flushing a bunny out of a brush pile is just as exciting as anything else.   Turn it into a real hunt.   Plan, strategize, and be patient.   It's a fantastic way to burn off some Christmas cookies and speaking of food, these little guys are seriously delicious.    So get up off the couch and kick some brush, but be sure and shoot straight.   They are not easy to hit!