Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dog Days of Winter

The snow piles up, the ice thickens, and temps don't ever seem to recover.   Thoughts of babbling trout streams, clusters of morels, and gobbling toms enter your brain more and more with each and every passing day.   Oh don't think it only happens in the summer, it is officially the dog days of winter.   Lots of dangling suckers under flags and Uno games in the truck.   As long as the flags keep poppin' up I'll be waiting patiently.   If you'll excuse me, we got a flag!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Drop Project

So, I've got a project in full effect right now.   I'm calling it          The Drop Project.  
A place where a thicket, a cattail slough, and large prairie grass stand all come together is home base for The Drop Project.   What I have done here is created a mineral site enhanced with a little corn and oats protein additive.   This was an area deer were staging in and even had been doing a little bedding close by.   I knocked down some of the tall grass and placed a Trophy Rock about 15 feet in front of the tree had picked to hang my trail cam on.  
My additive I used to boost activity is whole corn, whole oats, and a protein mineral mixed up in 5 gallon bucket.   I use about 3/4 of a bucket a week.   When I dump the mix I don't make one pile.   I spread it around very thinly.   This helps them to move around more giving me better spaced out pictures of the deer when there's multiple deer at the sight at one time.  
The point is to not feed the deer, but to get them to stop in and get their picture taken.   You don't want to put down 100 pounds at a time so the deer become dependent on the feed.   Also, when you use just a little bit you'll notice they don't stick around long.   Just enough to let me know if anyone is starting to drop their antlers.   Which is the whole point of this process.
I slide in once a week to freshen up the site and switch cards.   When I see that they are becoming half racks I will go and look at the sight and the near by trails and brush to see if I can find the dropped antler.   At least, this is my theory.   Easier said than done.
This particular spot may just have huge food plot potential.   I will be evaluating it much closer come spring and start another kill plot.   There is one deer so far out of the six different bucks that have been using the sight that I'm most interested in.   He is a very wide 8 point with a broken G2 as a       2 1/2 year old.   It would be nice to have him not disperse and stick around for next year.   I am very curious to see what he would turn into.  
I will be giving you updates on The Drop Project throughout the experiment.   It will be amazing to see and share what this particular spot will look like come next season.   Hopefully, a kill plot that produces some great trail cam pics of some beautiful whitetails.   I can already see him slipping through the grass into the plot just before he gets the air let out of him.   Stay in tune with the Minnesota Outdoor Journal for The Drop Project.   It's going to be one hell of story!