Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blizzard Browns

As the snow grows deeper and deeper our anticipation for spring greatly increases.   Is deep snow and frigid temps great conditions for outdoor activities?   No so much, but staring out the window in fuzzy pants cursing old man winter will get you absolutely no where.
I am in dyer need of open water.   The sight and the sounds of rolling water just makes my soul feel so much better.   The snow is coming down like crazy and the wind is pushing it sideways.   I have a truck and I have the time.   We are heading to do some winter barbless hook catch and release trout fishing.   It will be a slow journey to bluff country, but my goal is to get Crystal her very first trout ever.
Drifting snow and very low visibility made our drive even slower than anticipated.   None the less, we made with flying colors.   I checked my best runs but yet another obstacle has presented itself in the for of ice.   My best runs were completely froze up.   Thankfully, my last little stream was open and flowing wonderfully.
We rigged up our inline spinners and started tromping through the deep snow.   It was hard to even see anything.   The snow was coming down so hard at this point you couldn't look up to long because our eyes would fill up with snow.   We pressed on.
The temps is steady at 17 degrees.   I'll give you a little tip that will make your day fishing with spinning gear in frigid temps a lot more enjoyable.   Spray non stick cooking oil, like PAM, on your eyelets.    The ice will not build up and your equipment will stay in working order.   We fished a few pools before the moment of truth was upon us.
A beautiful brown darted out from a log jam and smashed her spinner.   She fought Mr. Brown this way and that way until she was finally holding her very first trout ever.    We celebrated and took some photos before moving on.   We continue pitching spinners in pools and yes even a few trees above the streams.   She followed me like a champ and casted like a true student of our great wilderness.   Not only did she catch her first brown, she caught her first browns.  Multiple.
That afternoon in the middle of a blizzard a moment was created that neither of us will ever forget.   Celebratory hugs and hoots of joy pierced the snowfall from that little grassy snow covered point.
   No one around, but us and beautiful blizzard brown.