Thursday, February 27, 2014

Snowmobiler Shoots Moose

After watching this, how do you feel about it???   Did you react correctly or was he in the wrong???   Was he provoking or did he do everything he could to prevent this???   Opinions?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Drop Project Update

Well, it has been over a week now without any antlers.   The deer that have been coming in have dropped.   I have got some pictures you can actually see where the antler was attached.   At this point in the game it's pretty hard to tell who is who and if every buck has come back in.   I just have to believe that they are on the ground now.   Good luck finding them.   With all this new snowfall I will unfortunately have to wait until early spring when the snow pack drops.   I will probably only but out a bit more for one more week after this week.   Time to sit back and wait till spring.   Then look and see if anyone dropped close to the site.   Then perhaps start planning a plot...

Apparel Work

I've been throwing around the idea of getting some apparel made for the Journal.   This is the style and design for hoodies I have been playing with.   What does everyone think???