Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gearing Up for Turkey

After what seems like the winter that just keeps on giving, I am ready for some action.   Turkey action that is!   I am heading off to Nebraska in search of some fat gobblers.   Believe me, I am pumped!
I am really excited to see how these new Avian X decoys perform.   Best looking rubber turkey on the market!   I'm not sure what stage the birds will be in.   This first trip will be a lot of scouting and familiarizing myself with the area.   The birds will more than likely still be flocked up with maybe a small amount of splitting.   Either way, I can't wait to get out of dodge.
I am bringing the cameras to hopefully get some quality footage.   This spring has the potential to be rather epic.  Soon, it will be time to introduce Mr. Tom to the Reaper!