Sunday, May 18, 2014

Crappie Bite

Finally, the Death Palace smells of fish and fry oil.   It has been a long time coming.   Why, you ask?
There's no need for me to tell you how strange of spring we've been experiencing.   The water temps just wont warm up.   They have finally reached the mid to pushing the upper 50's.   Which I've seen happen the week of ice out in the past!   We are a week past opener and I'm just starting to get fish in my ice out locations.
When the water temps go up so does activity under the surface.   Crappie will move up into shallow channels and lagoons to really put the feed bags on.   One of the reasons for this is to bulk up for the span soon to come.   Well, that is if it continues to warm up.   The insect life in these shallow waters goes bananas with the heating water temps.   Most of the fish I catch during this stage are plump full of mud worms.
All artificial, no bait.   No sense in slinging minnow to and fro.   Use a small jig to mimic a tiny minnow or insect and pair it up with a small float.   Boom, that's it.   This is the best rig for panfish, hands down.
If the forecast holds true, ha ha ha, then I'm predicting that this weekend will be great for just about everything and all kinds of fish.   If that water temp takes a big hike, be ready for the action!