Monday, June 16, 2014

To the Fans

Hi there:

I'm just a guy in Canada who was searching youtube for some fishing videos on how to catch bass and I came across one of your videos. Then I started watching your other videos. Then I checked out your website and started reading your blog, watched more of your videos, checked out your photos. Thank you for a most enjoyable evening of reading and watching. You are a very talented guy and your stuff is really well done. Your sincerity, honesty, humour, and passion for the outdoors just shines through. Congrats, well done!

Kind regards,

Mike xxxxx
Victoria, B.C.
I absolutely love getting feedback from other outdoor enthusiasts.   I wanted to share this email with all my fellow outdoors people.   This is my reward.   I truly could not think of a more humbling message.   A photo is not a photo if no one is to see it.    Experiences are meant to be shared.   The Journal is my tool to help inspire.   When we are inspired, we are more motivated to take action and preserve our great wilderness.   I genuinely, hands down, have the best fans and followers in the entire world.   Thank you everyone for your support and stay tuned for more action!