Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One and Done

Well, the new regulations for the 2014 deer season here in Minnesota are out.   Another failed attempt to manage our herd for all the wrong reasons.   If you hunt Minnesota you may want to check out the new map.  
Lots of folks complained they didn't shoot a deer last season.   This season they will complain they couldn't shoot a deer.   Then, next year it will change again.   Anyone want to place a bet???
Our great wilderness should be managed based on education and experience, not hunter complaints and revenue.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

More Than Photos

For me, checking trail cams is better than Christmas.   It's almost like making a set while trapping.   Did you catch anything!?!   You just can't wait to see what's on the cards, is the big boy going to be on there!?!
Trail cams can help us out in so many more ways that just photos though.   Yes, there are nice for getting great pictures and taking inventory on your hunting grounds, but that is just one little piece of evidence they obtain.
Look beyond the photo.   This is where you begin to create theories that will kill deer.   Create relationships with the different bits of evidence the pictures give you.   Look at which direction the deer are coming from.   This will help you figure out bedding areas, food sources, and which wind to hunt that area!
Start putting things together.   Are deer coming from a particular area in the morning and a different one in the evening?   Are the deer only there in the morning or evening or even both?   What time of day, the exact time, is the movement heightened most?  
Take it even a step further.   There are online weather sites that allow you to check past weather records.   When you have deer doing fairly the same thing on camera go back and look at what the wind was doing.   This can be huge.   Whitetails can shift their movement based on the direction the wind is blowing.  
Look at every little piece of the puzzle a tail cam can reveal.   They are far more than photos.