Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bear Country

Our annual pre baiting, scouting, fishing, riding, and camping trip to bear country is always something Crystal and I look forward to every year.   With this year being so crazy busy, we itching to sleep under the stars.
I must say the highlight of the trip was a big old smallmouth we named "Mousey."   We've been trying to get Crystal a hog smallie for some time now.   Well, on hot and buggy morning it happened.   A small pool on a small river.   Her tube jig hit the water and this fish slammed the bait, hard.   It was nothing short of an epic battle.   I'm honestly not sure who wanted her to catch that fish more, me or her.
During our little landing of the fish celebration I noticed something, other than the large tube bait, sticking out of the fish's throat.   This beast of a bronze back had a mouse stuck and sticking half way out of its throat.   The half digested mammal was regurgitated and by the looks of her belly she had a few more mice and other critters in there.   Pot belly she was.   Crazy how aggressive and territorial these fish can be.   Stuffed to the gills, pun intended, and still slam a large bait.   It was a fish we both will always remember.   Old Mousey.
Unfortunately, the berries and bugs we plentiful.   Lots of past storm damage has made for lots of sunlight to penetrate through the once dark forests making the berries grow tall and thick.   Skeeters were moderate and the flies were pretty tough to deal with.   You just have to love them damn biting flies.   Other than the bugs everything was rather enjoyable.   Good ride, great company, and fantastic food.   I can't wait to get back and put some bait on the ground!