Monday, August 25, 2014

For Sale???

This is too good not to share. This literally just happened. So, this week I am shooting my longbow off the peak of my roof at my target. Recreating the same shot as my bait stations, distance and height. Traditional archery is practice, practice, practice. The house across the road, directly in front of my house, is for sale. What a splendid time for a showing eh? Blah ha ha! I'm wearing the same camo as I tend to hunt in and shooting off my roof, first thing they see when they pull up. Blah ha ha! Welcome to my world folks. ‪#‎deathpalace

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Baiting Update

They got rain in the north country over the week.   Do you know what that means?   Yes, more skeeters.
Again, it was warm and insanely humid.   The kind of humid that makes you sweat like mad while you stand there and do nothing.   Gross wet damn feeling all the time.   Aside from the humidity and flying pests, ever was about as good as it could have been.
My stations were 3 for 3.   All were hit.   I baited with anticipation to see what would happen overnight.   I was super pumped to see that all three stations had been hit again in just the one evening.
I have some trail cam photos of a few average bears, but there is one that I am really after.   He is a beauty.   I have one more weekend of baiting and then it's go time.   I have to get my gear and cameras ready for action this week.  I've been shooting the long bow and training very hard for this hunt.   Traditional all the way! 

This is the one I'm after.