Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fan Feedback

Hey Josh,
     Been meaning to write this email for a while now just to say a great big thank you for your top water frog video. It literally changed our fishing lives.well let me rephrase that it created one.My wife and I fished once or twice n...ever knew how to catch fish till we saw your video. went out and bought a new pole, line and FROGS and we are both hooked. we are catching bass every time we go fishing now… what a blast After 30 years we now have something we both love to do. And I mean she absolutely loves goin fishin now. Can't tell u how many people I have told this story to.Everybody seems shocked they don't use frogs. It is by far our favorite and most successful bass bait. In fact it was about our second time out using the frog I landed bout an 8 pounder my wife was freaking out it was so big, Anyway thank you again loved the video and keep on doin what you do God Bless you. 
 Todd and Sandy

       For anyone who wants to know why I do the Journal, well, here you go. This is an email I received from a couple awesome Journal fans. I really can't put into words how feedback like this makes me feel. I'm going to keep saying it, I have the best fans and followers in the entire world. This proves it. I appreciate each and every one of you with every ounce of my being. Please continue your unwavering support, I'm just getting started! #Grateful