Monday, October 27, 2014

My Hunt for the Hit List

I have tried with all my might to preoccupy myself with outdoor activities.   With only a few occasional trips to the tree to satisfy my fix.   Ducks, pheasant, and mainly fish have lead to this very point, October 27th.  
With unseasonably warm weather and two properties holding shooter deer, the last thing I want to do is burn them out.   And myself.   Crops are coming out and deer are changing behaviors.   The leaves are gone and the estrus is just around the corner.   Tomorrow a cold front moves through dropping temps 15 - 20 degrees.   This is it, go time.
I will, from this evening on, hunt like a man possessed.   Evenings, mornings, midday, whatever it takes and however it goes.   Now is the time to pull up your pants and hunt like you want it.   I will film and document the best the I can.   I will keep everyone posted on my progress and encounters.  
I have made a list of 4 bucks I want to target, also know as a "hit list."   I will kill any of these four deer without a thought.   Also, this time of year is excellent for killing new deer, or as I call them, non resident deer.   It a new shooter shows up, yep, he's dead also.
I will introduce you to the hit list I have made.   From the first being my number one buck to my number four buck at the end.
The Life Changer Buck
(aka L.C.)
15-16 scoring points
The Claw Buck
Big Tall Heavy Main Frame 10 point
The Rookie Buck
clean 10 point
The Stranger Buck
Clean 8 point
The next twelve days will be a testament to me as an outdoorsman.   These days will be taken very seriously and I intend on having myself a blast.   Keep them arrows in the air and don't forget to check back for updates!