Monday, November 24, 2014

I'll See You Later

One year ago from this very day, I didn't say good bye, I said I'll see you later. In fact, I see you every single day. You surround me like the wind that makes the cattails rustle. I hear you, because I listen. I see you. I see you in the passion I carry every single day for our great wilderness. I appreciate the habitat that gives us life, that you fought to save. The very same habitat I surround myself in to this same day. I try with all my might, to share ...and show the world how important your work was and still is. To save the wildlife and the lands they inhabit. You've saved many places on this earth and in turn, you have saved me. I want the entire world to know, that one man, can make a difference.
To my dear sweet Grandfather, I love you more than I can find the words to explain. I will see you later.

Arrow In the Sky