Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bringing in Threats

The outdoors is my passion.   It runs through my veins.   It's my motive and drive.   I'm addicted to our great wilderness.   No newsflash here, I know.   The Journal is my outlet.   My way to share, educate, and bring awareness.   

With that being said, there are always people who cause friction.   Always will be.   Some just present it in such an ineffective way.   If you're not into the whole outdoor hunting, fishing, and trapping gig, I get that.   What I don't get is how folks go about expressing their opinions.   How about giving some facts and legitimate reasoning that supports your thoughts?   

My guess is that you lack supportive evidence.   Most people are uneducated in what the true outdoors and being a steward entails.    And that, is what it all comes down to.   You hear all the time on social media and the news about stories where people in the outdoor industry receive death threats.   I'm not all too sure how they pick and choose what stories to cover, but this certainly isn't new news.   I've been getting threats for my work on the Journal for some time now.   It's just something you shake your head at and carry on with what you do.

Anti's troll outdoor sight, must not have anything better to do, and cause trouble.   Some take things too far and some are just plain ridiculous.   You show how you and your followers act.     You claim to be protesting "killing" by implying death to people.   Grow the up man, really.   A bit contradictory, don't you think?   

I by no means am an outdoor celebrity, but believe me I get my share of hate from others.   So all the folks watching these stories don't think for a second it's only the big shots in the industry being targeted.   None the less, they will never get the best of me.   I will always stand up for what I believe in.   Always.   I will continue my outdoor rich lifestyle and continue to share and educate.   Perhaps you could just watch some of my Journal episodes instead of spewing ridiculousness.   Who knows, maybe you'd learn something.

For the sake of entertainment, lets take a look at some of these wonderful comments.   I must warn you some are pretty nasty.   Most I wouldn't even dare to post because of their content, but I did pick out a few beauties.

I hope your b@#ch mother die like this you motherf@#ker bastard a$$hole...!!! I HOPE ALL YOUR FAMILY DIE FROM CANSER...

i hope one day that bear tears you up in pieces you f@#king coward...

I am not KILLING an animal which did not attack me JUST FOR FUN and Brag about it on the internet making videos.. i am not HIDING in the woods killing something from the DISTANCE... WHY THE F@#K would you want to kill a BEAR? FOR WHAT? Did he bother your life? Who gave you the right to do this? Just because you can? THATS WHY YOU ARE A F@$KING COWARD...thats why i WISH the worst to all people doing this.. So i am not HIDDING behind a keybord.. i am making an argument.. its MY WISH.. you have a problem with it? so you asked me HOW CAN i wish someone something like this... well with the same ease someone just SHOOTS an innocent ANIMAL like its NORMAL... well let me tell you something... ITS NOT... and again...i hope from my heart that he finds the same death...i think its FAIR.. what comes around goes around...

you are a psychopathic

Guys with ugly wives and small pen@$es always love to torture and then kill animals to impress their trailer park

quote from video description. "Bear baiting and preparing for the hunt is as much fun as the hunt itself."-that f$#ker is a worthless loser & those who give him YT kudos are no better.

You are not Hunter. You are sadist !!!

And the list goes on and on.   These are real comments from the anti folks out there.   This is how they want to spread their word?   Apparently so.   Well, if anything, it makes for good entertainment.   Now if you'll excuse me, I have some rabbits to go shoot and some venison to eat!   You will never bring me down.

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