Monday, February 9, 2015

Lake Litter

This has been burning me up inside, so I just have to write a post about it.   Litter.   Good god almighty I can't stand this.   

It seems like every year this gets worse and worse.   And I've about had it!   After every weekend there's new piles of garbage all scatter about on the ice.   I just don't understand.   You're picking everything else up, what's one more thing?   These people obviously enjoy using the lakes otherwise they wouldn't be out there fishing.   So how could these very same people who enjoy our waters also destroy our waters?   It just doesn't make any sense.

I've been getting into several debates on this subject on other sites and forums.   I've seen lake ice littering being posted over and over again all over the state.   The one observation I've made is connected to alcohol.   Not ever time, but just about every time there is lake litter it involves alcohol.   Piles of garbage with beer cans mixed in seems to be the most common.  Or, just a pile of empties like the picture above.   I found those this morning fishing and several others scattered all over the place.   Why?   Why?   Why?

To make matters worse, these people are getting into their vehicles and driving.   So now they are polluting natural resources, littering, and driving under the influence.   Really?   So what do we do?   Watch who's fishing next to you and report everything!   I also think the DNR needs to spend some time on lake over the weekends handing out DWI's.   And as much as I know some folks are going to be unhappy with me saying this, but ban all alcohol on all public use areas.   Yes a handful of idiots ruin it for everyone.   In this case not only is it in the best interest of our resources, but also making the roads safer.   Some areas have no alcohol in public use areas and I think we should start seeing more of it.   If that's what it takes then so be it.   All this crap ends up at the bottom of our lakes and for that it should be no more.   Tired of it, get rid of it all together!

Anyone who puts others in danger and negatively effects a natural resource should no longer be able to participate in outdoor recreation.   If you're going to damage it you shouldn't have the right to use it.   I wish their rights would be taken away indefinitely.     

Be respectful and clean up.   The fish don't have a voice and our natural resources deserve so much better than this.

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  1. You are exactly right. I want to wait out these lazy people, watch them toss a can, and then go beat therm...