Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More Than Meat

 Believe it or not, I'm going to disagree with what a lot of the hunting "celebrities" are pushing about hunting.  Meat.   Yes, meat.   They really seem to be on this kick about knowing where your meat comes from and getting clean healthy protein.  They put so much emphasis on the meat, the product of the hunt.

      This is how I disagree.   Lets just be honest to the non hunting community.   Using meat as a scapegoat doesn't earn credibility.   Why do we hunt?   Because we enjoy it.   It's our heritage, we are participating in good stewardship, and on and on.   We don't need excuses.   Is the meat used and eaten?   Most definitely.   But, it is just a perk to the hunt.   In all seriousness, how often do you eat something you killed?   The large majority of what we eat comes from a store like everyone else.   When we make a wild game meal it's a treat, not a means of survival.   Also, how long realisticly does one or two deer feed a family?   Not long at all.   It's 2015, no one can play the I need the meat card.   Buying beef is substantially cheaper than hunting.   If you don't kill a deer, no one in your family is going to die.   If hunting was about the meat, there would be a lot of hungry people due to the fact that most do not fill their tags every single year.

     I see these "celebrities" on all types of media talking about the "meat."   It's rather hypocritical of most of the them.   Some are worse than others, yes.   I understand they need kills for episode footage, but doesn't that itself change what they are saying?   You need footage to make money to keep your air time not to obtain meat.   Some of these personalities travel great distances and shoot many many animals within a years time.   Most of these animals are donated and not put in the "shooters" freezer.   And, if you're concerned with where your meat comes from why are you out eating steak at restaurants and burgers at the pubs?   Especially when you've shot all this orgnaic meat in "your" freezer.   Don't preach to me about how obtaining your own protein is a large reason in which you hunt and then turn around and kill more than you need.   It's hypocritical and don't think people don't see this.   Just be honest.   When we don't is when we look ridiculous.  I have no problem with any of this, shooting many animals or donating.   If I could hunt all the time all over our lands don't think I wouldn't.   But, my message would be a bit different.  

     I hunt because it is my right.   I hunt because I was taught to love our lands.   I hunt because it brings me peace.   I hunt because it's what I know.   I hunt because I am a good steward.   I hunt because I'm in love with our wilderness.   Not because I'm hungry for protein.

     The meat is a privilege and a reward for our efforts in participating in conservation.

     Be honest.   Be a  hunter.

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