Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pike and an Island

Every now and again we get to be a part of something special.   A trip that has taken place for decades.   Stories and memories.   A tradition.   An invite we honored to take.
Camping on an island and sucker fishing for big pike.   I know, what's not to love?   There's something to be said about dangling suckers beneath a rather large cork.   It is the summer equivalent to tip up fishing through the ice.   

It's funny how quickly your pulse starts beating after losing sight of your cork.   High hopes and a firm hook set.   Sounds about perfect to me.   The fish were large, but rather scattered.   But, fish were not what this trip was about.

Tradition far exceeds the tugging efforts of an angry pike.   Traditions are lost along with our heritage, so every chance you get to become a new part of an old tradition you had better jump on the opportunity.   Good people sitting around a campfire telling stories fuels my soul in a way that is rather humbling.   I guess I'd call it a bond.   A bond that only the outdoors can create.   A passion for good company and a passion to enjoy it under open skies.

A special thanks to the Meyers for giving Crystal and I the opportunity to be a part of such a special tradition.   We are already looking forward to another year of pike and an island.

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