Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Hands down the hardest part of aging is losing people. Jeramie Gruber, it was an honor to have called you my friend. From the time we went from care free elementary kids to our conversation about the boundary waters a couple weeks ago, you stayed true to yourself. You stayed Jeramie. That's a value most lose with time. We shared the wilderness bond. That buck you talked to me about this winter is still out there. He will forever be yours. Outdoorsmen we are. You were my favorite redneck and I envied how straight of a shooter you were. What you see, is what you get. A trait I admire. You would bend over backwards for anyone at anytime. The world needs more men like you, not less. I enjoyed your company and I enjoyed your presence. Just as I will enjoy your memory. But, I must ask for one last final favor. Will you please say hello to my Grandfather for me. Until we meet again my sweet friend. I love you and may the ducks fly low.‪#‎forever‬

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