Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The First of Many

When I shot my first deer at age 14, my Grandfather told me that I would remember that one more than other to come.   He couldn't have been more right.   You only get one first.

Crystal and I hunted hard for two seasons in about all conditions you could imagine.   We were after
getting Crystal her very first whitetail.   It's uncanny how it all played out almost to a tee as the same exact experience as my first deer.   A borrowed 20 gauge, on the ground, last minute of the last day, same darn deer even.   Except hers was at a whopping four yards!!!   Such an amazing experience for the both of us.

I could identify each and every emotion she felt.   That cloud nine feeling is hard to beat.   I'm proud of her persistence and willingness to learn.   Congratulations and may there be many many more to come.


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