Friday, January 23, 2015

Rainbows in January

     By the later part of January most of us have spent some time staring down a hole in a frozen lake.   Don't get me wrong, I love me some ice fishing.   Sometimes, a person just needs to change things up  a bit.   Slap on the hip boots and chase some rainbows.

The driftless area in southeastern Minnesota offers some great winter fishing opportunities.   There are many rivers and streams that have open winter trout fishing,   These seasons acquire barbless hooks and catch and release.   That seems fair!   Maps and regulations are on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources web page.   Do some homework online and you will have many areas to explore.

There is just something about the sound of open water in January that renews the soul.   Fresh air filling your lungs and beautiful scenery under your feet.   A little something to get you through.   To get you through what you ask?   Winter!

I use a few of my small bluegill rods tipped with an inline spinner.   Pull these little baits of flashy goodness through deep pools and cut banks an you're sure to trigger a strike.   Be patient and be persistent.   This is the best advice to any outdoor expedition.   

Watch your forecast and the next time there's a little warm snap grab your boots and hit the road.   A good set of camo and some ninja skills will get you more fish on the end of  our spinner also.   The water is gin clear this time of year and you need to be in full stealth mode.

I am certain there isn't anything better for the soul than a rainbow in January.