Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bows, Browns, and Bluffs

Working the blue pools with inline spinners is such a riot.   Fish that follow only to return to the blue depths of the pool they call home.   Current angles and retrieve speed are paired and changed to produce a rising fish.   Pound for pound the hardest pulling fish ever to live beneath the surface.

Today was epic, in all its glory.  With high ridge bluffs towering overhead and the sound of rolling
water I would almost think that I was lost somewhere.   The landscape itself is almost hypnotic.   The old saying "you take on your surroundings" is very apparent as you slip down the banks.   I find myself refreshed, in a sense.   As if I was coming to life with everything else in the spring.  

This adventure lead me to some of the largest stream rainbows I've ever caught.   Not too many times do I find it when the rainbows outnumber the browns.   All the fish I was able to make a successful land on where all of great quality.   Large class fish.

My pack is carrying a box of spinners, a needle nose, an extra spool of mono, a beverage, and a camera on a Joby pod.   Light weight camo and hip boots allow me to be in complete stealth mode.   My weapon of choice is a short length ultra light spinning set up spooled with 4lbs. mono.   Simple and easy.   Hike and cast.   What could be better...