Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Trophy or Mature

Could we change the perception of something by just simply changing a word?

What if we changed the word trophy to mature?   I think the word trophy is far too stereotyped for using it to describe an animal now days.   When you think of a trophy you think of a big shiny gold tower you hold over your head while you scream in victory.   A material, not a living resource.   What if we called it mature animal hunting instead of trophy hunting?   Would people still say hunting mature animals, instead of trophy animals, is ridiculous?   I think folks get too wrapped up in the word "trophy."   It really isn't a trophy.   It's a mature animal.   The hardest in the forest to harvest.   That makes it very special.   Trophy is just a convenient term.   Whether it be fish or deer, to be considered a "trophy" it generally is larger than average.   And, generally to be larger than average it has to be more mature.   So you know what?   Go ahead and label me a trophy hunter.   Yes, I do seek out mature game.   I release small fish and pass young animals.   Using the word "trophy" as a defense to poor management is no longer going to cut it.   We need to practice selective harvest and if that's what the word "trophy" hunter dictates, the yes, I guess I am.   And, the next time you find yourself involved in thought or conversation, ask yourself, " Is  this whats best for me, or whats best for the wildlife?"