Monday, April 6, 2015

More Awesome Anti's

Gregory Walker
March 31 at 10:18am

I have no respect for people who kill bears, and even less by some redneck peckerwood who baits the bears, then kills them with a vicious bow and arrow. Nothing noble about this act. Nothing thrilling. Just a big negative

So, this guy posted this to the Journal's Facebook page. Then, he shares his own post on his own timeline. Classic anti B.S. that I have to put up with for creating the Journal. I'm not sure which part I like the better, " vicious bow and arrow " or " redneck peckerwood." Way to represent your case Gregory Walker and to once again prove how uneducated about our outdoor heritage you really are. Anti's will never bring me down and they will never stop me from carrying on or passing on our great outdoor heritage. ‪#‎never‬