Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Season

The season.   The season of all seasons.   I will never, ever, forget my 2015 bear season.   It was a hard grind that left me with mounds of knowledge.   I even learned a thing or two about myself.   The way a season tattoo's your mind a bit differently than any other you've endured.

Not recovering another longbow bear was almost impossible to overcome.   I was as close as I've ever been.   This bear died, plain and simple.   Yet, I couldn't recover him.   How do you recover from that?   This is were I learned about myself.   There is absolutely no limit to how hard you you push forward.   If  you can hold on to a dream, it's worth chasing.

I pressed on, needless to say.   On October 2nd I killed a beautiful six foot black bear.   No, it was not with my longbow.   I switched to my compound as to not further tarnish my dream of one day putting my hands on a longbow bear.   That dream is still very much alive and when the time is right, I will resume that chase.   An arrow's flight is something to marvel over.   Without the support of my family, friends, and Journal fans I would not be in the wonderful situation I'm in.   So much goes into the experience and the adventure that it's often overlooked.   I'm grateful for every star that lined up to make this happen.   

This bears life and honor is dedicated to a good friend and outdoorsman that we've lost far too soon.   Jeramie Gruber, this one is for you my friend.   May his spirit meet yours.   You will never be forgotten.


I am currently editing the new Black Bear Bowhunting Episode and should be out shortly.   It will be filled with emotion that the archery roller coaster so often produces!