Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Fathers Day

Another Father's Day has come, and another year without you has gone.   It is a day of celebration, but it always carries a bit of somberness.   I'm reminded you're not here, physically.   Which in itself, brings a certain level of discomfort.   Strangely enough, it makes me miss you more.   Like how I would imagine the sky would miss the sun.   One simply isn't the same without the other.   

Your presence with our earth, our water, and our woods is strong.   I surround myself with it to be with you.   You make my heart beat and you fill my soul, but there is nothing like evidence outside of myself that your are near.   The noise the grass and treetops make as the wind swings them freely has replaced the sound of your sweet voice.   You still answer me, because I'm still listening.

I know you are still guiding me, just in a different light.   If I look deeper, I can see your stance.   Sometimes I don't understand, only to look back and realize you had a hand in it.   My eye will always be open and my ears will always be listening.   You are around me, I an feel it.  Inside and outside.

With each passing day I know I'm just that much closer to seeing you again.   But until that moments presents itself, I've got a lot to do.   It is my mission to ensure that your legacy does not leave this beautiful place in which I reside.   And believe me, when we do get to meet again, we will have plenty to talk about.

Rest easy to the best man I've ever know.   You are my Grandfather, my Father, and my best friend.
You are me, and I am you.
You are my sky, and I am your sun.


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