Thursday, February 18, 2016

Huntin' Browns

As one season winds down and another is soon to arrive, there always seems to be a dull gap in between.   Ice fishing is starting to come to an end and spring just isn't here quite yet.   I catch myself staring out the window a little more than I'd like to during this strange transition period.   Thank God for brown trout!

A warm snap at the end of February?   Yep, I'm out of dodge!   Hiking, fresh air, and fishing.   The catch and release season in southeastern Minnesota is an absolute life saver.   Get a map, gas up the truck, and put on some foot miles.   It is unbelievably rejuvenating for your body and soul!

Trout fishing really isn't a numbers game.   It's actually more of a hunt than fishing.   Creeping up on pools in full stealth mode is more of stalk than anything.   The water this time of year is gin clear and if you don't use your best ninja moves you run the risk of blowing every single fish out of the pool.   Yeah, stalking fish is legit.   

Every time you eye spy a sweet little pool make a game plan.   Turn it into its own adventure.   Figure out the best way to fish it undetected.   Cast it at different angles until you feel satisfied.   Surround yourself by the bluffs and the wildlife.   Listen to the sounds.   It's almost here, what you've been waiting for!   Soak it all in.