Why I Do This

   The stars were my blanket and the trees were my roof.   Armed with a butterfly net and a dog for a sidekick.   Not a single frog was safe when this pair was roaming.   I was fortunate enough to have been raised in an outdoor rich environment and was given the freedom to explore my interests.

Through out my life to this day, I have become a student of our wild outdoors.   My life under a roof is just to have my life from out underneathe one.   My passion for everything under the sun has grown into a lifestyle in which I would trade for nothing.

New times have brought forth new issues.   Our environment deserves respect.   We seem to have no problem taking our share from it and lack on the giving back to it side of the deal.   Land is not a renewable resource.   Once it's gone, it's gone.   Restoration, conservation, and preservation needs to be hightened.   Habitat awareness is of the utmost on my list.   Without habitat nothing is to inhabit it.   What good is a house if no one is to live there.   Deer need cover, fish need water, and ducks need wetlands.   I wish them all a bright future and tend to do my part to do so.   Traditions have gotten us here and roots have made us grow.